Pfarrei und Bürgermeisterei Illingen von 1689 bis 1904

Barbara HeineAge: 66 years17631830

Barbara Heine
Given names
Birth September 4, 1763

Note: (.785.5: Elter ohne eigenen Eintrag)
Gerber-NummerKonrad BlattView this family

Historical Event between 1754 and 1763

Note: The French and Indian War is the American name for the North American theater of the Seven Years War, fought primarily between the colonies of British America and New France -


Historical Event between 1775 and 1776 (Age 11 years)

Note: In 1775, there was an epidemic of unknown cause in North America (especially New England,) followed in 1775-1776 by what is described as one of the worst worldwide influenza epidemics -
Historical Event from 1775 to 1783 (Age 11 years)

Note: The Thirteen American Colonies broke from the British Empire and formed the independent nation, the United States of America -
Geburtsregister 1806 - Auf der Suche nach Elisabeth Fuchs (*1806)

Note: Winfried Dietz schreibt am 23.01.2020:

MarriageKonrad BlattView this family
February 17, 1784 (Age 20 years)
Birth of a son
Franz Blatt
February 8, 1793 (Pluviose 20, I) (Age 29 years)
Historical Event between 1793 (I) and 1798 (VI) (Age 29 years)
Note: More than 4,000 Philadelphia residents died from yellow fever -
Historical Event 1803 (XI) (Age 39 years)

Note: Napoleon Bonaparte agrees to sell 828,000 square miles of land to the United States for $15 million -


Birth of a son
Peter Blatt
August 30, 1805 (Fructidor 12, XIII) (Age 41 years)
Marriage of a childFranz BlattBarbara KeßlerView this family
Type: Civil marriage
April 20, 1815 (Age 51 years)
Marriage of a childFranz BlattBarbara KeßlerView this family
Type: Religious marriage
May 16, 1815 (Age 51 years)
Historical Event between 1812 and 1815 (Age 48 years)

Note: War of 1812 between the Americans and the British. The Creek (or Red Stick) War in Alabama had different origins, but it coincided with the war of 1812, and the U.S. treated it as a part of the larger war, with Jackson and his forces also in charge of defeating the Creeks -


Birth of a granddaughter
Magdalena Blatt
December 16, 1816 (Age 53 years)
Death of a husbandKonrad Blatt
January 8, 1824 (Age 60 years)

Birth of a granddaughter
Margarethe Blatt
January 6, 1825 (Age 61 years)
Historical Event between 1830 and 1830 (Age 66 years)
Note: The Trail of Tears is a name given to the ethnic cleansing and forced relocation of Native American nations from southeastern parts of the United States following the Indian Removal Act of 1830. The removal included many members of the Cherokee, Muscogee (Creek), Seminole, Chickasaw, and Choctaw nations, among others in the United States, from their homelands to Indian Territory in eastern sections of the present-day state of Oklahoma. The phrase originated from a description of the removal of the Choctaw Nation in 1831. In 1831 the Choctaw were the first to be removed, and they became the model for all other removals. After the Choctaw, the Seminole were removed in 1832, the Creek in 1834, then the Chickasaw in 1837, and finally the Cherokee in 1838. -


Death January 13, 1830 (Age 66 years)

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Barbara Heine
Birth: September 4, 1763Landsweiler-Reden
Religion: r.k.
Gerber-Nummer: .785.
Death: January 13, 1830Landsweiler-Reden
Marriage: February 17, 1784Landsweiler, Schiffweiler
9 years
Franz Blatt
Birth: February 8, 1793 (Pluviose 20, I) 30 29Landsweiler-Reden
Occupation: Schmied
Religion: r.k.
Gerber-Nummer: .785.
Death: April 26, 1852Landsweiler-Reden
13 years
Peter Blatt
Birth: August 30, 1805 (Fructidor 12, XIII) 43 41Landsweiler-Reden
Occupation: Ackerer
Religion: r.k.
Gerber-Nummer: .786. .8862.
Death: August 2, 1881Landsweiler-Reden